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I am very into FreeBSD. You may want to know more About FreeBSD. Which is why I have created FreeBSD Friday. Every week (yes, I skip some Fridays) I try to learn something about FreeBSD and post it.

Ok, so most of these FreeBSD posts weren’t created on a Friday, but I need to take a breath and add some method to the madness of my posts. So FreeBSD® Friday came to mind. I will post an article about FreeBSD every Friday (maybe I will miss a Friday or two if an article takes extra time). Over time, this site is intended to help others adopt FreeBSD, then move from being a newbie to becoming a FreeBSD expert. It may take years to become an expert.

Recent FreeBSD Posts

FreeBSD Installation and System Changes and Repair

  1. How do I install FreeBSD?
  2. What are the first commands I run after installing FreeBSD
  3. How to change the system date from the shell on FreeBSD?
  4. How to install FreeBSD 8.0 using only ZFS partitions? (Newbie proof, I hope)
  5. How to enable sshd from the FreeBSD 8 install’s fixit environment?
  6. From the Fixit environment of a FreeBSD 8 install disk, how do I download a file using ftp?
  7. How to enable sound in FreeBSD 8?
  8. Dual-booting Windows 7 and PC-BSD
  9. How to make renaming of a FreeBSD server easier
  10. Decoupling settings from /etc/rc.conf in FreeBSD
  11. Using FreeBSD inside a controlled network – A required HTTP Proxy and No FTP

FreeBSD as a Desktop (Xorg, KDE, GUI stuff, etc..)

  1. How to install and configure a FreeBSD 8 Desktop with Xorg and KDE?
  2. How to install the vmware video card driver on a FreeBSD 8 guest virtual machine?
  3. Installing VMWare Tools on FreeBSD 9
  4. How to install VMWare-tools on FreeBSD 8?
  5. How to install VMWare Tools on PC-BSD 8?
  6. Configuring sudo on FreeBSD 8.1 and allowing sudo to open GUI applications
  7. Installing the NVIDIA driver on FreeBSD 8.1
  8. Getting Java to work in Firefox 3.6 in FreeBSD or PC-BSD 8.2

Everyday Computer Tasks on FreeBSD

  1. Creating or opening a password protected zip file on FreeBSD
  2. FreeBSD Wireless – Configuring a wireless interface on FreeBSD 8.1
  3. Solution: Opening konsole and a Ports Jail konsole can be confusing on PC-BSD
  4. How I’ve been using the PC-BSD Ports Jail

FreeBSD and Ports and Packages

  1. How to install ports on FreeBSD?
  2. Making a package from a port on FreeBSD
  3. How to update all your installed ports on FreeBSD using portupgrade?
  4. Installing the latest version of Mono on FreeBSD or How to install and use portshaker?
  5. How I’ve been using the PC-BSD Ports Jail

FreeBSD as a Web Server

  1. Installing an Apache + SSL on FreeBSD using the ports tree
  2. How to install PHP5 and PHP5 Extensions on FreeBSD?
  3. How to make Apache handle. asp and .aspx links in FreeBSD or Linux?
  4. Asp.Net web services on FreeBSD and Apache using Mono

Contributing to and Developing for FreeBSD

  1. How to download FreeBSD source using svn?
  2. How to compile a portion of FreeBSD code with debugging? (Sysinstall for this example)
  3. How to debug a portion of FreeBSD code using gdb from a shell? (Using Sysinstall code as an example)
  4. How to write a FreeBSD Kernel Module
  5. How to build and install a custom kernel on FreeBSD?
  6. Building a FreeBSD kernel for debugging
  7. Project ideas for FreeBSD

FreeBSD, IDEs, and Development Software

  1. How to install the Code::Blocks IDE on FreeBSD 8?
  2. How to install Bugzilla on a FreeBSD 7.2 with Apache + SSL and MySQL?
  3. How to install subversion 1.6.6 on FreeBSD 7.2
  4. How to configure Subversion to use Cyrus-SASL2 to authenticate to a MySQL database?
  5. How to configure Bugzilla to Authenticate to Active Directory?

C# (Mono) on FreeBSD

  1. C# (Mono) on FreeBSD
  2. Running Pinta on FreeBSD – A C# (Mono) Image Editor
  3. C# (Mono) – Reading and writing to a text file

FreeBSD and Database Software


  1. How to install MySQL FreeBSD?
  2. (Legacy) How to install MySQL on FreeBSD 7.2 or on Red Hat 5.4?
  3. How to start, stop, restart MySQL on FreeBSD or Red Hat?
  4. How to create a UTF-8 Unicode Database on MySQL and make UTF-8 Unicode the default?


  1. Installing and Using Postgresql on FreeBSD
  2. How to log all sql statements in Postgresql running on FreeBSD?
  3. Backing up PostgreSQL databases nightly on FreeBSD

FreeBSD and Business Software

  1. How to install dotProject 2.1.2 on FreeBSD 7.2 with Apache 2.2, PHP5, and MySQL 5.1 Server?
  2. How to configure dotProject 2.1.2 to authenticate using Active Directory’s LDAP?

FreeBSD Shell and Commands

  1. How to add color to your SSH sessions in FreeBSD so files of different types have different colors when using ls?
  2. How to remove the ^M characters in a file on FreeBSD?
  3. Changing the prompt for csh on FreeBSD 8.1
  4. How to restart FreeBSD

FreeBSD and Security

  1. How to configure ssh to allow certificate authentication to FreeBSD?
  2. Configuring sudo on FreeBSD 8.1 and allowing sudo to open GUI applications
  3. Using FreeBSD inside a controlled network – A required HTTP Proxy and No FTP

Troubleshooting on FreeBSD

  1. How to troubleshoot Xorg on FreeBSD 8?

BSD Advocacy

  1. Using QlikView and DistroWatch to report on the most popular open source distributions (BSD, Linux, Unix)
  2. PC-BSD and FreeBSD are Two of the Fastest Growing Open Source Operating Systems Last Year while Ubuntu-based Operatings system lead growth

FreeBSD and Virtualization


  1. How to install VMWare-tools on FreeBSD 8?
  2. How to install the vmware video card driver on a FreeBSD 8 guest virtual machine?


  1. Installing Windows 7 into a virtual machine on FreeBSD using VirtualBox


FreeBSD Licensing

  1. Differences between the BSD/FreeBSD Copyrights and the the GNU Public License (GPL)
  2. The two-clause BSD License
  3. A non-compete and single ownership version of the BSD License

The mark FreeBSD is a registered trademark of The FreeBSD Foundation and is used by with the permission of The FreeBSD Foundation.

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