Dual-booting Windows 7 and PC-BSD

Hey all,

I was going to write an article on this, but it was so easy, there is no need for one.

Windows 7 doesn’t know how to deal with PC-BSD, but PC-BSD knows how to deal with Windows 7.

So all I had to do was install Windows 7 first (I chose a 50 GB partition) and then I installed PC-BSD on the remaining space. I did click to install the PC-BSD boot manager as it is not selected by default, and now I can dual boot Windows 7 and PC-BSD.  Which is a must for a guy who’s job is writing C# on windows.


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  2. danny says:

    so installing the PC-BSD bootmanager is Kosher with Win 7? I know in free or even fedora easyBCD is the safest way to protect windows particion.

    PC-BSD just works?

    • Rhyous says:

      Did for me. I installed Windows 7, then I installed PC-BSD and I can boot to both without doing any extra work.

      The only thing I noticed was that I have three boot options. I assume this is because Windows 7 has the boot partition it creates that is about 100 MB, and then it has the actual NTFS partition for the install. Anyway the boot options are: F1, F2 and F3. F1 takes me to Windows 7. F3 takes me to PC-BSD. I haven't event clicked F2 because I assume it is just the non-bootable NTFS partition.

      One of the features I like about this boot partition is that the default option is the one I used last.

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