Rhyous Publishing LLC

This company is created to handle all my software development, consulting and publishing, whether it be consulting and publishing code as a developer or publishing creative writing and fiction novels.

Jared Barneck - Owner / CEO

Jared Barneck – Owner | CEO

Michelle - Chief Marketing Officer

Michelle – Chief Marketing Officer

At Rhyous Publishing LLC, we write various software products, many of which can be found on GitHub at https://github.com/rhyous. However, our proprietary code is mostly related to the creative writing publishing industry.

We provide services for:

  1. Development Consulting – General
    1. We can consult in the development of desktop, mobile, or web apps.
  2. Development Consulting – Publishing Industry *
    1. Novel Publishing
    2. Novel Editing
    3. Epub Creation
  3. Outsourced Development
    1. If you need a solution that does exist yet, we can provide it

Consulting and custom development Pricing: $125 – $225 an hour

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