Advertisement Fees


Ads are assuming to be images or animations with links.

Ads that show up on every page

Advertisements that are permanently on the side bar and show up no matter what page or post is viewed have these rates:

  • $35 a month
  • $99 for 3 months
  • $189 for 6 months
  • $375 for a year

It is preferred advertisements follow the site design by adding the ad to this box. If the advertisement is added to the box and sent to me, there is no setup fee.

If the advertiser requires the ad not be in the box but the advertisement is approximately 190×150, there also may not be a setup fee.

An hourly setup fee will apply for any advertisement that is located anywhere other than the right bar or that in any way needs custom work.

See Custom Work below.

Ads that show up on a single page or post

An ad on a single blog post is $20 a month or $210 a year.


Any link that is text only and does not have rel=”nofollow”.

Any link that you want to appear on every page is treated as an ad.

Any other link is assumed to be a link for a single page or post and these are described below.

Popular Post

Modifying an existing popular blog post to include a link or linked image will cost this much:

$10 a month per 100 page views a day or $100 for a year for each 100 average page views a day.

Example: A single post getting 200 hits a day would cost $20 a month.

Common Post

Modifying an existing blog post to include a link or linked image will cost this much:

$10 a month or $100 a year. It must be in context and fit with the bog post content, otherwise it is an advertisement.

Sponsored Any-topic Post

A sponsored post is any new post where the sponsor chooses the topic and there is a link to a sponsor but a product is not reviewed.

Example: A consulting firm might as me to write a simple post listing open source `

If it is desired that I just add a link to a post I am doing anyway, see “Links” above.

Sponsored posts are done accordingly

  • $75 fee
  • Post is marked as sponsored.
  • Poster can choose the topic or ask me to choose a related topic.

All links must be in context and fit with the bog post, otherwise it is an advertisement

Sponsored Product Review Post

The following is the minimum requirements for me to do a product review.

  • Minimum $50 fee (Assuming a post takes 1 hour. See Custom Work below for costs beyond 1 hour.)
  • 1 Free product (or software license) for myself (Should include all features, for example if a Personal or Professional license exist, and the personal doesn’t have some features, the Professional License is required.)
  • 1 free product (or software license) to give away to my readers.

Custom Work

Custom work is done for an hourly fee of $50.

This fee will be billed in 1/2 hour minimums: So 10 minutes = 1/2 hour or $25. 1 hour 10 minutes = 1 and 1/2 hours or $75).



*  All prices negotiable and I am very flexible and I understand every ad or link request is unique.

+  All out of context advertisements will be refused or just ignored.

^  Out of context links are black hat and are detrimental to my blog and hence they will not be allowed. Links that are on topic and contribute to the content are white hat and preferred.

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