Ahhh…the dying vmware network is back…

Ok, so I posted this a while ago:
Why does VMWare guests lose network access constantly on Windows 7 64 bit?

Well this issue didn’t happen from the middle of December until last week, it started again.

I toggled a bunch of settings, but every setting is correct. There must be something else causing this.

Update: Found this. I will set my NIC to not go to sleep and see if that works. Seems like a bug to me.

Update: That didn’t work.
Yeah, my computer went to sleep anyway, and with that setting, I couldn’t wake it up remotely. Lame.

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  1. rhyous says:

    As long as my machine does not go to sleep, the issue does not occur.

  2. Are you using the latest updated vmxnet3 driver and latest VMware tools installation? Not doing this can cause networking issues.

    Is it related to Windows Updates maybe?

    • rhyous says:

      Yes, latest VMWare Tools.

      Doesn't matter if it is a Windows, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, or other client. When it happens, it happens to all VM Guests simultaneously.

      I am on Workstation 6.5 because I don't have a license for Workstation 7 yet. So maybe it is something they have fixed in VMWare Workstation 7.

      If i turn disconnect all of the virtual NICs and reconnect them then it works again for a time, but eventually stops again.

      You do have good point on the Windows Updates. I recently updated and rebooted and that is about when the issue started back up. I am not sure it would be the updates so much as the fact that whatever I did to keep this working may not have persisted through a reboot.

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