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Welcome to my technology learning website. The goal of this site is to learn and retain as much information as possible. I consider this blog my knowledge base and hope that you both find and share knowledge here as well.Also for those wondering, Rhyous is pronounced ‘rī-əs. As in the words ‘Rye‘ and ‘us‘ compounded into a two syllable word.

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Fiction.js (or making fun of javascript library names)

JavaScript libraries have some pretty awesome names. Unless you want to know what that library actually does that is. But hey, these names are great for inspiring fiction. As many of you know, I write fiction on the side. So here comes some fiction.js your way:

He straightened his backbone.js and tightened his angular.js jaw. Then he ate a banana.js while wearing a Bazinga.js shirt. He rubbed the handlbars.js of his mustache.js. His shotgun.js was ready.js. He looked at to the badass.js woman at his right.js. Jasmine.js had long.js auburn hair and a glow.js to her face. Her figure.js was a sight to behold.js–definitely a knockout.js. She sipped a cappucino.js. Kinetic.js magic.js was her forte.js. That and fire.js. She lifted her free hand.js and an ember.js of light.js illuminated.js her palm.

Evil.js was coming. Raphaël.js and Jasmine.js were ready.js!

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