LANDesk Support Tools

The attached program is an add-on to the LANDesk Console. It was designed for support engineers to more easily troubleshoot issues.

Tools Added to the Tools Menu in the Console

URL Links

  • Best-known Methods – A link to the LANDesk Community search for documents tagged with the term bkm.
  • Self-service Portal
  • Support Community

LANDesk Tools

  • (NEW and only in 9.5 version!) Computer Right-click Menu Editor – A GUI front end for adding/removing items from the menu that you see when you right-click on a computer in All Devices.
  • (NEW and only in 9.5 version!) Message Presenter – An exe that displays a message. Put in text, a single line html file, or the URL to an html file. You must deploy this file to the clients for it to work. I’ve added both a file transfer custom script and an agent ini to help you deploy it.
  • Error Translator * – This converts those annoying 32 bit signed integers to a facility and error code.
  • Gatherlogs – Sorry, I didn’t write this tool and there is not gui.  Check the Managementsuite\Utilities directory.  It takes a basic configuration file.
  • LANDesk Debug Log Enabler * – This tool assists you in enabling and disabling debug logging on Core’s and Agents, including XTrace logging.
  • LANDesk Support Remote Control – This is a tool that automatically connects you to, which is the LANDesk tech support teams’ Management Gateway.
  • LDDiscover – It has been in the Utilities directory for a while.  It has its own help file you can learn all about it.
  • Validate Core Server Install – A new tool in beta still.  Written by the LANDesk install development team.  It makes sure that your install really installed all the files and that your DLLs are registered.  It only does this for 8.8 flat so far.  A separate XML file must be made for each version and service pack.
  • Zenmap ** – This is not installed by this tool.  See the web site. You must install it yourself.

* Developed by me in C++ using wxWidgets.

** Must be downloaded and installed separately.

Tools Added when Right-Clicking a Device in the Console

When right-clicking a device in the Console the following tools are available:

  • Browse File System (Using the C$ share) – This is just a mapped drive to the C$ share.  Plenty of configuration can prevent this from working such as the windows firewall or domain restrictions or disabled admin shares, or disabled File and print sharing.
  • Computer Management – This is the same as opening Computer Management locally and the clicking on Actions | Connect to another computer.  Again, plenty of configurations can prevent this from working.
  • ICMP Ping – This is an ICMP ping in a DOS window.  It is a continuous ping.
  • LD Ping (Using Explorer) – This opens explorer and automatically hits the LANDesk service on the remote agent to get an xml like text page back that has basic information about the remote agent.
  • SSH – Opens secure shell using PuTTY.
  • Task List – This opens a command prompt and does a remote task list using tasklist.exe from the system32 directory.
  • Tracert – This performs a traceroute to the remote agent.
  • VNC Viewer – This is needed to Remote Control Linux agents as we do not have Remote Control to Linux.  However, most Linux platforms come with VNC Server already installed and all you have to do is enable it.
  • Who.vbs – A vbscript that remotely discovers who is logged in.  This does not use the LANDesk agent, but windows RPC.

Install/Upgrade Instructions

This must be installed on each Console.  Installing on the Core Server alone does not add the LANDesk Support Tools to a Remote 32 bit Console.

Note! The install and upgrade steps are the same.

Core Server

This needs to be installed on the Core Server noe as of 9.6 SP2. See Comments.

  1. Close the 32 bit Console and leave it closed throughout installation.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file.
  3. Run the setup file: LANDesk Support Tools.exe.
  4. Follow the install wizard.
  5. Start the Console.

Remote Console

The installer must be run on any remote console that desires to use the LANDesk Support Tools.

  1. Close the 32 bit Console and leave it closed throughout installation.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file.
  3. Run the setup file: LANDesk Support Tools.exe.
  4. Follow the install wizard.
  5. Start the Console.

Uninstall Instructions

This must be uninstalled on each Console where it was installed.  Uninstalling on the Core Server alone does not uninstall the LANDesk Support Tools from a Remote 32 bit Console.

Core Server

This can be uninstalled on the Core Server by doing the following:

1. Close the 32 bit Console.

2. Go to the ManagementSuite\SupportTools directory.

3. Run Uninstall.exe.

Remote Console

The uninstaller must be run from any remote console where the LANDesk Support Tools have been installed..

1. Close the 32 bit Console.

2. Go to the ManagementSuite\SupportTools directory.

3. Run Uninstall.exe.

Can I call LANDesk Support if a feature does not work?

No.  The LANDesk Support Tools are open source. Volunteers are welcome.


  1. Jason says:

    Any update on 2016? Very interested

  2. Randy says:

    Any plans to support v2016?

  3. Mike Livesay says:

    This was from my remote console. I was under the impression that the tools did not have to be run on the core.

  4. Mike Livesay says:

    Here is what the log says.
    07/22/2015 10:17:49 INFO 6132:Main Thread RollingLog : LANDesk.ManagementSuite.Data.UnauthorizedAssemblyException: Blocking attempted 'CreateInstance' with unauthorized assembly: , type
    at LANDesk.ManagementSuite.Data.AssemblyHelper.CreateInstance(String assemblyName, String typeName)
    at LANDesk.ManagementSuite.WinConsole.FormMain.OpenTool(ToolInfo info, Boolean preload, Boolean setFocus, Boolean hide)

    • Rhyous says:

      Did you run the installer on the Core Server? A key is now required to tell the Core Server that this plugin is allowed and this is installed when you run the installer on the Core. If you run the installer on the Core Server and still get this, then there is TrustedToken table now on the Core Server. Do you see a row with this token: 566fe0d84f491d6f and this Rights = 3?

      If not, perhaps there is an install bug.
      On the Core Server, open a command prompt, change to the Management Suite directory, and run this command:
      CoreDbUtil.exe" /xml=Rhyous.xml /buildcomponents

  5. Mike Livesay says:

    I love your Console Tools. I just upgraded to Landesk 9.6 SP2 and installed the Beta 9.6.1 All the items are there but the editor doesn't work.

  6. Rich says:

    Any known issues with LANDesk MS 9.6 SP1. I've been using this for a couple years now. After my recent application of SP1 to 9.6 ( it will not open Support Tools right-click menu editor, nor does right clicking on any device show support tools. Thanks in advance!

  7. Jary says:

    Jared, creating a new item without parameters from the "right-click menu editor" the tag "parameters" isn't created in the xml file and the action won't start.



  8. Irvin Wells says:

    I have installed the tools on my LANDesk 9.5 console. When using the "Remote Regedit by IP (Name)" to connect to a Windows 7 x64 PC, I browse to the HKLM>Software. I am brought to the WOW6432Node side of the registry, but it isn't really obvious by looking at it.

  9. [...] I work for LANDesk, in case you have forgotten, and I have this LANDesk add-on called LANDesk Support Tools. [...]

  10. doug diehl says:

    very nice!....just installed and working fine on 9.0sp2 core from win7 .

    published console (via citrix) kinda cludy for us.. this is much better.

    thanks for your work

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