A Cloud in a Box: My prediction of the Cloud, Data Center, Kubenetes, Quantum Computing, and the Rasberry PI

Do you remember when the first computer took up the size of a room? I predict that we will say something similar about the data center.

In the 2030s, we will say, Do you remember when a data center was the size of a building?

Technology developments

It won’t be long before we can buy a 1U (rack mount size) data center. How? We aren’t that far away. Let’s just combine a few technologies:

  1. Quantum computing. Did you read about Google’s breakthrough? https://phys.org/news/2019-10-google-quantum-supremacy-future.html
  2. Rasberry PI and similar devices, only smaller. Have you seen the size of a Raspberry PI Zero.
  3. Also, look at Microsoft’s Azure in a backpack.

The server terminal pattern

Also, have you noticed this pattern – as the client or on-premise device gets more powerful, more runs on the client.

Main Frame <————–> Dumb terminal

Web Server <————–> Desktop PC (Browser becomes Terminal)

Web Server <————–> Desktop PC (Browser runs code that used to run on the server)

The Cloud    <————–> Mobile device
Data Center

The pattern is this: What is on the server, eventually moves to the terminal. And the terminal gets ever smaller.

The Internal/External Wave

Now, there is also a wave where hardware started in house, moved out into Hosting services, then moved back in-house when internal data centers became easy, then moved back out when cloud was large and difficult to manage.

Once cloud is easy and smaller, that wave will move back in-house.

The future: The cloud in a box

Imagine that we have a micro server, a Rasberry PI type of device, only it has a quantum processor and is the size of a Micro SD. It has metal connectors and slides into a bus on a 1U server. The 1U server bus holds 100 x 200 of these small micro servers for a total of 20,000 servers in 1U of space.  Each PI has 1 TB of space.

Now these are small and easy to host internally. A company can easily host one of them or put one in US East, US West, Europe, and Asia, and anywhere needed.

This is a cloud in a box.


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