InfoWorld: 7 programming languages on the rise

InfoWorld has the following article I thought was interesting:
7 programming languages on the rise

It mentions that the top three languages today are Java, C#, PHP.

Then it talks about the languages on the rise:

  1. Python
  2. Ruby
  4. JavaScript
  5. R
  6. ERLang
  7. Cobol
  8. CUDO Extensions

Note: No, that is not a mistake, they list 8 languages even though the title of the article says 7.

While they gloss over the Java, C#, and PHP languages, the article implies that these are the top languages used today.

What they missed in the article (besides being unable to count) is:

That development itself is on the rise.  The lesser known languages are easier to learn any one language as every language now has serviceable documentation online, so we are limited to the languages that descent books were written about.

What I read from this article is:

If you really want job security stay with Java, C#, and PHP because they are the top three programming languages. Sure it is nice that others are on the rise.  But who wants to limit themselves to 2% of the development jobs available.

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