Universal Remote Control: Philips SRU5107/27 (updated)

Saturday I bought a Philips SRP5107WM/17 Universal Remote Control for about $14 at Walmart. Best purchase I have made in a while. Until I bought the newer version, the Philips SRU5107/27, that works with XBox 360 for $17. (I am taking the older version back to Walmart.)

I have five devices I would like to remote control and each have their own remote control.  No, it is not OK to have 5 remote control devices on your couch. (Ok, if I get the XBox working, I will use it for the DVD player, so it could only be four).  Here are the devices.

1. Motorola Cable Box remote
2. DVD player remote
3. Tivo Series II remote
4. Proscan 40″ LCD TV remote
5. XBox 360 (which I just recently purchased)

This new remote I purchased worked perfectly with my Motorolla Cable Box, Magnovox DVD player, and Tivo Series II. I couldn’t find a perfect match for my Proscan 40″ LCD TV, but I found one that had all but a couple of buttons working and then I used the “Learn” feature the remote control has to fix the remaining buttons. The learn feature is seven levels of awesome!

The one device that is eluding me is the XBox. Supposedly an XBox 360 works with a Universal Remote Control, but I haven’t yet discovered what to do to make it work.

You can get a slightly newer version for a few more dollars through Amazon directly or from an Amazon affiliate for cheaper or the same with shipping that I have linked to on the left of this post. Posts say it worked with the XBox 360 first try. So I will take the older version back to Walmart and have ordered the newer version from Amazon. We’ll see how it works.

Update: I got the Philips SRU5107/27 from Amazon and it works with XBox 360 using remote code 1611. Yeah!

I am very impressed. I thought I was going to have to spend $100 or more but I didn’t. I am getting it all done for under $20.

Update: Just bought a new Blu-Ray player and this thing still works! It is still the best universal remote I have ever seen under $20.


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  4. Jesse Newcomer says:

    I have the SRP5107wM/17 and I can't get it to work with my RCA blu-ray player either with the given code or by entering 9999 and doing a full data base search. Is there another way to get this to wor? Also, I don't have the original remote, that is why I bought this remote.

  5. Prismadonna says:

    On the recomendation of the above commenters I order & rec'd the SRU5107/27 remote. It operates my TV & older receiver and Blu Ray just fine. But for the life of me I cannot get it to operate my Dishnetwork Receiver nor my Xbox. Here's the strange thing; I input the code of 1826 for the Xbox using the Aux button. It does seem to work as it turns off the Xbox after about 15 seconds. But then when you try to turn it back on it just flashes the green light on the Xbox for a brief moment and goes back out. It will not turn it all the way on. I went into the Xbox settings under remote and changed it back and forth to see if that did anything; it didn't. Help!

  6. Doc Moreau says:

    used the Microsoft code [1826] and the AUX button to program the XBOX360 and it worked like a charm... Thanks!

  7. Alex says:

    I have the SRP5107/27 and I was able to use the Microsoft code in the manual to get it to work with the XBox. 1611 is an invalid code and the remote will cancel the programming when it is entered. Also, I was only able to get it to program to the DVD and AUX buttons, but not the other buttons. I needed to reserve the AUX button for an Onkyo receiver which wouldn't program on any of the other buttons.

  8. matt. says:

    it lists a code for roku, but I cannot get it to work for roku. am following the steps to the letter, still, no dice. am I supposed to hit enter on the remote or something to make this work?

  9. Doodle says:

    How do you program this remote?! I can't get it programmed for the life of me :/

  10. Tyler says:

    The remote will work with Xbox 360. Use AUX and the Microsoft code.

  11. howard says:

    my remote will not program my dish i have a dish dvr in one room and a spliter to it going to another room that tv i have to put on channel 73 using my dish remote on the new remote i tried all the buttoms ithink to make it work it does not need help or i will have to take it back to the store. thanks

  12. DrPhil says:

    If you run audio through your receiver, or anything other than the TV, you will not be able to change the volume with this remote. It's hardwired to punch through the volume controls to the TV. Even if you specifically choose the receiver, it still sends TV volume signals. Philips support tried to tell me that I had my Tv and receiver too close together! I can understand not having programmable punch-through for a $9 device, but hardwired to the TV codes? Wow, that's dumb!

    • Rhyous says:

      Strange...I have a Cable Box that has its own sound and when I click to use the cable box, it changed the sound on the cable box and not the TV.

      I actually had to change that using the program key feature, so I had to change it to send my TV sound signal when set to my cable-box.

      Hope that makes sense.

    • Dice says:

      Here is what I did for this problem:
      Used the Comcast remote that works on my receiver. Put it on TV (on the Phillips) do learn+vol up. Then press vol up on the Comcast remote, then did the same for vol down.

      So no matter what device I am on it will only use the sound systems volume!

      On the roku: just learn all the buttons on the HD device button took 5 mins. 11 buttons in all.

      You can also do DVD functions under the TV device so you don't have to switch like pause play ff and rw since tv does not use that.

  13. Michael says:

    Hello there, I found this page through Google while troubleshooting my issues with getting this remote to work with the Xbox 360. Could you help me out and link to the product page on Amazon? I recently bought a SRU5107/27 (notice the "U" instead of "P") from Amazon that I cannot get to work with the 360 at all, despite code 1611 being in the manual and users claiming it works just fine with the 360. I want to be sure we've both got the same remote and that I am following the correct steps (Hold "SETUP", press a device button, like "DVD", then enter "1611"). Any info you could provide would be appreciated.

    • Michael says:

      Nevermind, I just got it working somehow. I went to "System Settings" on my Xbox because I vaguely remembered something about remote controls in there. I was right, under "Console Settings" is " Remote Control". It was set to recognize both a Windows Media Center remote as well as the Xbox Media Center Remote. I switched the option to "Xbox Media Remote" and then switched it back, and suddenly my Xbox respects my Philips remote.

      I don't know how or why that worked, I'm just glad it did. Other than that hiccup, setting up devices with this remote has been a breeze and it works like a dream. I recommend it just as much as Rhyous does.

  14. Zman says:

    Dude I just purchased the same RC and for the life of me I can't get it to work with my Comcast Motorola cable box. I googled the life out of it and came across your post and thought you may be able to help another LANDesk engineer out - LOL. What code did you use for your Motorola cable box?


    • Rhyous says:

      Hey Zman,

      I had the following list of options and I can't remember which one I stopped at:
      0156, 0554, 1077,
      0552, 0148, 0952, 0453, 0654,
      0754, 0048, 0752, 0954, 0254, 0947

      However, my TV only worked using the learn feature (Page 10 in my manual). I found a code that worked with a few buttons: the power and volume and channel worekd, but not the input or the arrow keys or the aspect, so I programmed them one key at a time.

    • Rhyous says:

      Oh Yeah! Motorolla wasn't on the one number search list, which is why I had to put in the codes one at a time until one worked using the Direct Code entry on the bottom of page 7 of the manual.

      Then Motorolla showed up in the list, but I didn't realize at first the list was separated in different items like TVs, Cable Boxes, etc...So I tried a few codes that were not for cable boxes. Then I noticed the way the codes were broken out and that multiple sections had Motorolla codes, and I found the codes I posted last time under cable and one of them worked. I am pretty sure I got to the second row, and maybe the third row before it found one that worked.

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