Getting the Microphone to work in FreeBSD on a Lenovo T61p

Hey all,

I am trying to get my Microphone to work on my Lenovo T61p.


If I talk into my microphone while capturing sound, when I play back, I cannot hear my voice.


Let me answer some questions for you:

Does the sound work?
Yes. The sound card works great.

Does the hardware work?
The Microphone works well if I boot to windows 7. I have a hard drive with Windows 7 that used to be in this laptop.

What tools am I using to capture sound?

Can I get any sound to record?
Yes. If I tap hard with my finger on the microphone, the taps are caught, though faint, by both audacity and xvidcap.

What have I done?

Read the Handbook.
Read the man pages for mixer and snd_hda

  1. Loaded and unloaded snd_hda.ko and sound.ko
  2. Changed every mixer setting there is.
  3. Tested tapping and yelling into the mic, tapping barely registers.
  4. Test hardware on Windows 7, works.
  5. Checked systctl -a |grep snd and sysctl -a |grep hda
  6. Changed the mixer to use monitor instead of mic.


Well, it was the last step. Once I changed the mixer to use monitor instead of mic, it worked like a charm.

mixer -rec monitor

mixer monitor 35:35

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