Why my categories span such broad topics?

Hey all,

I recently noticed I was added to another blogs blogroll.  It was funny what he said:

Rhyous’s or ::1 covers an interesting mix of FreeBSD, PC-BSD, C# and even Windows 7 issues. An unusual mix…

Well, here is the deal.

  1. One of my hobbies is learning about open source.  My operating system of choice is FreeBSD and I am partial to PC-BSD for desktop use as well.  So naturally, I am going to post about that.
  2. However, I work for LANDesk as a Developer (previously I was a Level III support engineer), using primarily C#.  We have a lot of legacy C++ code as well.  LANDesk is mostly a Microsoft shop.  Our server software runs on Windows Servers only and we support MS SQL and Oracle back ends.  Our agent goes to Windows, Mac, Linux, and some Unix devices.  Yes, I have had the Linux version of the LANDesk agent running on FreeBSD using Linux Emulation.  I am probably going to post more on WIX now as I am on a development team that deals with our product installation.
  3. I am also just a techie in the first place so I have lots of tech interests outside my career and my hobbies.
  4. I now realize the importance of experience and I want to increase my experience and make my experience more meaningful by retaining it.  I used to do support for Nortel Networks equipment before coming to LANDesk so I have intense networking skills that are uncommon among developers. I also have 10+ years of support and troubleshooting which gives my a unique perspective.  The more you do something the easier it is.  I have a lot of experiences where some support guys were working on something for days and I walk over and solve the problem in five minutes.  It is something that comes with 10+ years experience or troubleshooting. No, that is not unique to me.  LANDesk tech support engineers are some of the best out there and there are a number of guys that can do that here.  But all of them have about 10+ years experience.
  5. I help others with their computer issues which often leads to figuring things out.

My one regret is that I didn’t start my blog in 10+ years ago.  Think of the content I would have had.

So anytime I have to look something up or research a problem and the first or second Google link is not an exact answer, I am going to blog about it, whatever the topic may be.

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