April 1, 2010 – A big life change

Hey all,

As you know, Google has now changed it’s name to Topeka.

Many of you may not know this but my wife, Michelle, is an Advertising consultant. Since she has done so well branding her blog, www.alittletipsy.com, Google (now Topeka) has hired her to handle their new Topeka brand. She has the daunting task of making the word Topeka as popular as the word Google.

So of course we have to move to Mountain View, California where Google…sorry, Topeka, Inc…has its headquarters. She will work on this new Topeka brand. Her first goal is to get the phrase “I topeka’d him” into the next romantic comedy to leave Hollywood.

I will become a stay-at-home Dad. This will be a great blessing for me. I will be volunteering a few hours a day at the local High School as a consultant for the organization called TWNSS (Teachers With No Social Skills). As a long time geek who has struggled to overcome social skills issues, I can now use my experiences to help others.

It is going to be a big life change.

Please congratulate my wife and I. We will miss our friends in Utah.

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  1. Steve Wade says:

    Wow! Congratulations to you. Good Luck and Sorry to see you leaving Utah.


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