A Small Car Revolution…I would drive one today if they existed and were priced right…but they aren't

Small Cars
Ok, so I have been saying that I have a short 10 minute commute on 45 MPH to 25 MPH roads. I rarely have more than one other person in my car. I need a car that is about 1/3 the size of a regular car. Something that will get me to work and back. I have a Hyundai Tuscon as a family car and would use it for family travel, but it is baffling to me that people commute with full-size expensive cars. I drove a four door dodge neon for the better part of a decade and it was nice to have a small car for commuting.

A commuting revolution is necessary and like it or not, it has begun. I don’t want anything like government enforcement of this, but I think that commuters should have smaller cars with better gas mileage or electric cars. But unlike the not-so-smart Smart car, it shouldn’t cost the same as a regular car, and get the gas mileage of a regular car, but should be about $5k-8K tops.

I am completely happy with this upcoming small car revolution. However, I am afraid that the prices are going to be way to high for a while. It will take time for the market and competition to demand lower prices.

Lets also talk about space. How easy is it to park with a small car? How much easier is it to change lanes? How about being able to fit between other cars and the curb so you can turn right when everyone is stopped for a red. And garage space…If you get a smaller car, you suddenly have more storage space in your garage and you might be able to fit shelves on the garage wall and still be able to open your door.

Affordable Small Cars
I have to argue that the term “affordable” does not really fit many of these cars, but I guess it is all the opinion of the buyer. Also, the term small is used loosely as some are not really that small.

I looked through these and only two had MSRPs starting below 10,000 that are even close to what I would term “affordable”.

#12 – 2010 Nissan Versa
Avg. Paid:$10,272 – $16,607
MSRP: $9,900 – $16,530

Compare the Hyundai Accent’s average paid to the smart car’s average paid: $10,189 – $16,894.

#19 – 2010 Hyundai Accent
Avg. Paid:$10,189 – $16,894
MSRP: $9,970 – $16,995

However, it is interesting to note that they have higher average prices paid than they Toyota Yaris
# 26 – Toyota Yaris
Avg. Paid:$12,798 – $14,366
MSRP: $12,605 – $14,165

Smart Car
I would totally by a smart car except there cars a overprices by more than 5K and in some cases they are overpriced by more than 10K.

According to this site, they average paid is $12,624 – $21,126.

Look check out how much people are asking for used smart cars that are approximately 3 years old on Autotrader in my area:
Smart Cars on Autotrader near Salt Lake

Ok, over 20K used? Over 15K if used for a few years? You have to be kidding me with this. I can get Honda Civic Hybrids or Toyota Yaris cheaper, not to mention the Chevy Aveo and other small cars that I can get for 6K-8K if they are three years old.

General Motors (GM)
GM has a car coming next year called the Spark.

Well, GM at least has the size almost right, though it is more like 1/2 the size not 1/3 the seize. Also I am sure the price will never meet my requirements.

GM does foresee a future car that is even smaller, yes 1/3 the size.

The EN-V relies on dynamic stabilization technology similar to that of the one-person Segway scooter to keep its balance, and can be operated autonomously or under manual control. In autonomous mode the EN-V is designed to use high-speed wireless connectivity and GPS navigation to automatically select the fastest route, based on real-time traffic conditions gleaned from the Web or some other networked source of traffic information.

I can’t say much since it doesn’t really exist in the market yet. But it looks cool.

For is trying to get into the small car action too.

The Fiesta also coming out next year and is almost as a small as GMs upcoming Spark.

Where is the small car revolution going to take us? I don’t know for sure, but I like where it is going for the most part.

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