Explorer.exe in Windows 7 doesn't always acknowledge deleted files in a timely manner!

Ok, so I have another complaint about Windows 7 and Explorer.

I am sure my system is in a state based on my usage that leads to this bug because it doesn’t always happen.

I wonder if this problem has the same cause as this one:
Windows 7 hangs when creating a new folder and hangs again when renaming it


Files deleted in Explore sometimes don’t delete from explorer right away, though they do delete. It takes too long to update. It takes far too long to update. It takes abismally too long to update. (I consider anything over 1 second too long, anything over 2 seconds far too long, and anything over 10 seconds abismally too long.)

Time to update is sometimes as long as 45 seconds.

Steps to duplicate

Here is what I do:

1. Delete a file in a folder.
2. Wait 15 seconds or more and the file doesn’t show as deleted.
3. Delete the file again and it says it is already deleted.

Getting to the state where this occurs
Unknown but here is what I do

I have a T61p Laptop running Windows 7 64 bit.
I am joined to a Windows 2003 domain and often the domain controller is not available (like I said I have a laptop).

I use Remote Desktop.
I use network shares often.
I use Visual Studio often.
I use Outlook often.
I use Firefox and IE often.
I have Windows Live Messenger running all the time.
Sometimes I VPN into work.
I do all of the above while VPNed

Software with plugins to explorer include: TortoiseSVN and Notepad++ (could be something they are doing, but even if it is, why would microsoft allow code that calls a plugin to execute when deleting a file?)

Unknown, but the problem comes and goes.

Microsoft didn’t not test Explorer in production environments very well or they would have seen this.
If they have seen this and haven’t fixed then that would make me more annoyed.

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