Visual Studio 2008 editor colors set to use a black background and how to add these settings yourself or keep your color settings on re-install?

So I recently installed Windows 7 64 bit on my laptop. Before I was using XP Pro SP3 32 bit. I had visual studio 2008 installed and had the editor using a black background exactly how I like it.

So really, all I wanted was my colors in my editor. So it turns out you can export them.

  1. On you current install, go to Tools | Import and Export Settings.
  2. Choose Export selected environment settings and click next.
  3. Click the top box to remove the check box from everything.
  4. Expand All Settings | Options | Environment.
  5. Click to check the box next to Fonts and Colors
  6. Click next and save your file

I won’t walk you through importing it because you should be competent enough to do that on your own having now exported it.

Want it in a download?

Visual Studio Black Theme

Want just the XML? For those of you who also want a black background and just want the XML, here is my Environment_FontsAndColors section and a screen shot of it.

Visual Studio 2008 Text Editor with black background

Visual Studio 2008 Text Editor with black background

Here is the xml code, you can copy and paste:


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