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Hey all,

I have had a computer since 1984 when I was 7.  I have been a computer geek most of my life.  I have ten years of intense technical support experience with computer operating systems, networking equipment, and desktop management.

I am currently a Systems Analyst / Developer for LANDesk.

I know FreeBSD, Linux, Windows.  I have worked with the following languages: C++, C#, Java, PHP and dabbled with a couple others.
I have worked with the following database: MySQL, MS SQL, Postgresql.

I need a place to store my knowledge.  I need a location to store my knowledge that I am sure will not disappear.  If I find a good knowledge source, the page may change or the site may be discontinued. Or I may never find a good source and I have to figure something out through trial an error, and a text file on my laptop is probably going to get lost and it also doesn’t help anybody else out.

So I hope this site eventually helps you as much as it helps me.


Rhyous (Jared Barneck)

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