Mountain View Stake Basketball Schedule (Elders)


Important: Each ward must contribute two or three individuals to help as referees and/or scorekeepers. Referees and scorekeepers need to enter their names here as soon as possible:
Referee/Scorekeeper Schedule

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Note: To print a schedule for your ward, click on the Choose team drop down menu above and select your team, then click the Show button. It will show your entire schedule.

Team Ranking

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  1. Wayne Goodbar says:

    When times are moved in the future, could we please have them updated on the calendar? It kind of defeats the whole purpose of having a calendar if the times aren't correct. Thanks.

  2. Wayne Goodbar says:

    The ref/scorekeeper schedule is missing the 7:30 games and only has one set of the 8:30 to 10:30 games. There should be 7 games each week.

  3. Jayson Reed says:

    Hey I am in the Mountain View 1st ward and you have us playing at 830 then again at 930 on the same day (Jan. 5th)

    • Rhyous says:


      Yes, we have an odd number of teams and so each week instead of a bye, one team will play twice. I was asked to do this instead of having a bye. As we are playing with another stake, this will only happen once an not for all teams.

    • Rhyous says:

      Actually the second ward assures me they won't forfeit. Supposedly they have had some move-ins who love basketball and they filled their roster. So I am going to leave 2nd and 10th as separate teams. So there won't be two games by any team this year.

  4. Dan says:

    I assume we won't be starting this week (I had heard Jan 5th), any idea when we will start?

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