Sorry Opera 10.51, though you're a fast browser, I had to get rid of you fast: (Part 2)

Continued from Not Firefox, Chrome, or IE: Its Opera’s new 10.51 boasts being the fastest browser on earth (Part 1)

Opera, you had promise. I tested you out and you did seem a little faster. I used you all day long.

For the first half of they everything went smooth.

  • I loved the zoom feature, and if other browsers have it, it is not as obvious. I liked how every element zoomed. It wasn’t just the text that got bigger, everything got bigger.
  • The speed dial feature is nice.

But then things went downhill fast.

  • Opera didn’t work with the forum software my company uses. This was a deal breaker in itself, but we are upgrading in a few weeks and the browser should work in the new version.
  • Then I tried to download the Voice interface and it just says failed and won’t tell me why.
  • I tried to make my book marks toolbar and it wasn’t as easy as I would have liked. I still don’t have one made.
  • My brother called and needed me to connect to his computer remotely, but the remote control is initiated at a web page, which didn’t work with Opera, but worked with IE or Firefox. I used IE.
  • Don’t ask me why I checked this site today (I am not really a Trekky) but didn’t work. Then I closed and opened the browser and it started working…that is just odd.
  • I could have surpassed and forgotten about these issues with something like IE Tab. I found one but no easy installer, and I am not up for research and tweaking for this review. The lack of an easy install for this feature was the final straw.

Opera has been around a long time, and I am quite surprised that it didn’t work out for me for even a full day.

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  1. Sorry, Opera 10.51, you kept hanging. Tried to system restore to get back to 10.10 but you had screwed that up too. Eventually got round it by a fresh download of 10.10 and installation on top of 10.51, which seems to work and I have not lost any emails or bookmarks. Disabled the "check for new versions" option. Dismayed at the automatic installation of 10.51 without a by-your-leave, not at all what I have been used to over the last decade. So I'm on 10.10 and crossing fingers nothing updates it.

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