How to remove a single quote from a string in QlikView?

Ok, so I had a problem today that I couldn’t find any documentation on. I needed to remove a single quote from a variable in a string during a load script but it took some time.

I tried this but it didn’t work:

purgechar(‘It’s got a quote’, ‘\”)

It turns out that QlikView doesn’t seem to have an escape character, so I had to figure out another method. Google searching for this string didn’t help: single quote Qlikview escape character

So I figured it out. You have to use the chr() function.

purgechar(‘It’s got a quote’, char(39))

You can get the correct ascii number to pass to the char() function from here:

So hopefully if you do the same google search you will find my post and not have to spend as much time as I did trying to figure this out.

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