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Not Firefox, Chrome, or IE: Its Opera's new 10.51 release that boasts being the fastest browser on earth (Part 1)

Not Firefox, Chrome, or IE: Its Opera’s new 10.51 boasts being the fastest browser on earth

This article says:

Opera 10.50, released a few weeks ago? It’s the fastest browser on the chart. It’s faster even than prerelease versions of Firefox and Chrome, not to mention faster than the public IE9 Platform Preview build

I tried it personally today and I have to say that there were times when it did feel faster to me. But there is a lot of testing to do before I can decide whether to make the jump to using Opera as my primary browser.

According to this article:
Opera only has a 2.35 percent of the market share.

To me there are pros and cons to Opera based on the details above:


  • Lower market share means it is less likely to be a target for hackers as they usually target larger distributions.
  • It is the fastest browser.


  • Sites are probably not testing their browsers on Opera.
  • Less users could mean less reported issues, less features, less plugin development, etc…

I am going to use Opera for the next week or two as my primary browser and I will post a second review about Opera. I will update this post with a link to it. This article will discuss whether Opera will remain my primary browser and if so, why? If not, why not?

Update: It wasn’t weeks, it was a day: Sorry Opera 10.51, though you’re a fast browser, I had to get rid of you fast: (Part 2)