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How to download FreeBSD source using svn?

If you want to compile a custom FreeBSD kernel or rebuild world or be a developer for FreeBSD, you may want to download the source.

Download FreeBSD Source as follows.

Step 1 – Install Subversion

Install subversion from ports or as a package.

From ports

# cd /usr/ports/devel/subversion
# make install

From packages

# pkg_add -r subversion

Note: Don’t forget to run ‘rehash’ if after install your current shell cannot find svn.

Step 2 – Check Out FreeBSD Source

To download FreeBSD source, use subversion. You may want to use Release, Stable, or Current. Release doesn’t have any updates, so if you want patches since release, you are likely wanting to do Release Engineering.


svn checkout /usr/src

Release Engineering

svn checkout /usr/src


# svn checkout /usr/src


# svn checkout /usr/src

You now have FreeBSD source and you should be able to compile the kernel or the FreeBSD world.