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Ghost 2.5 Beta 2 available – Ghost is a BSD distribution based on GNOME

Ghost 2.5 is a BSD desktop distribution based on FreeBSD. This version is keeping up with the latest FreeBSD 9 release. This is both a live distribution as well as an installer for FreeBSD 9.

It is exciting for a lot of BSD users who didn’t really have an out-of-the-box GNOME option on FreeBSD to have a distribution where GNOME is the focus.

The DVD ISO in 64 bit is only 1.3 GB, though there is a “lite” version that is on a single CD.

It is nice that they are using pcsysintall for their installer, though they are in early stages as the installer is a text installer and not for an Ubuntu user yet. 😉

If you are excited about this project go ahead and give them a donation. I just tossed them $5.