Amazon S3 Bucket Management with C#: Part 9 – Uploading a file with its path to a Bucket

Before getting started

Skill Level: Beginner


  1. You already gone through Parts 1-8 of Managing Amazon AWS with C#.

Additional information: I sometimes cover small sub-topics in a post. Along with AWS, you will also be exposed to:

  • Rhyous.SimpleArgs

Step 1 – Alter the existing UploadFile method in BucketManager.cs

We need the UploadFile method to take in a parameter that specifies the remote directory, which is the directory path on the S3 bucket. However, if no directory is specified, the key should simply be the file name.

  1. Edit file called BucketManager.cs.
  2. Enter this new method:
    Note: We are in luck, the TransferUtility object has an overload that takes in the key.

            public static async Task UploadFile(TransferUtility transferUtility, string bucketName, string file, string uploadLocation = null)
                var key = Path.GetFileName(file);
                if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(uploadLocation))
                    uploadLocation = uploadLocation.EndsWith("/") ? uploadLocation : uploadLocation + "/";
                    key = uploadLocation + key;
                await Task.Run(() => transferUtility.Upload(file, bucketName, key));

Note: This method is already added to the Action Argument, so we don’t need to update it.

Step 2 – Add a RemoteDirectory Argument

If we are going to upload a file to a specific location, we should know what that specific location is. So add an Argument for it.

  1. Add the following argument to ArgsHandler.cs.
                    new Argument
                        Name = "RemoteDirectory",
                        ShortName = "rd",
                        Description = "The remote directory on the S3 Bucket.",
                        Example = "{name}=My/Remote/Directory",
                        Action = (value) =>

Step 4 – Update the parameter array passed to UploadFile

We’ve already create a custom parameter array for the UploadFile action. We simply need to add a method for it

            // Use the Custom or Common pattern
            CustomParameters.Add("CreateBucketDirectory", new object[] { s3client, bucketName, Args.Value("Directory") });
            CustomParameters.Add("CreateTextFile", new object[] { s3client, bucketName, Args.Value("Filename"), Args.Value("Text") });
            CustomParameters.Add("DeleteBucketDirectory", new object[] { s3client, bucketName, Args.Value("Directory") });
            CustomParameters.Add("DeleteFile", new object[] { transferUtility, bucketName, Args.Value("Filename") });
            CustomParameters.Add("UploadFile", new object[] { transferUtility, bucketName, Args.Value("File"), Args.Value("RemoteDirectory") });

Note: There are enough of these now that I alphabetized them.

You can now specify the remote directory when uploading a file.

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