Amazon S3 Bucket Management with C#: Part 3 – Listing files in a Bucket

Before getting started

Skill Level: Beginner


  1. You already gone through Part 1 – Creating a Bucket and Part 2 – Deleting a Bucket

Additional information: I sometimes cover small sub-topics in a post. Along with AWS, you will also be exposed to:

  • async, await, Task
  • Rhyous.SimpleArgs

Step 1 – Add a ListFiles method to BucketManager.cs

  1. Edit file called BucketManager.cs.
  2. Enter this new method:
            public static async Task ListFiles(AmazonS3Client client, string bucketName)
                var listResponse = await client.ListObjectsV2Async(new ListObjectsV2Request { BucketName = bucketName });
                if (listResponse.S3Objects.Count > 0)
                    Console.WriteLine($"Listing items in S3 bucket: {bucketName}");
                    listResponse.S3Objects.ForEach(o => Console.WriteLine(o.Key));

    Note: I noticed there was a ListObjectsAsync and a ListObjectsV2Async. I assumed the one with V2 is newer and should be used for new code. The documentation for ListObjectsV2Async confirmed this.

Step 2 – Update the Action Argument

We now need to make this method a valid action for the Action Argument.

  1. Edit the ArgsHandler.cs file to define an Action argument.
                        AllowedValues = new ObservableCollection<string>

Notice: We didn’t have a step 3. We wrote some S.O.L.I.D. code in Part 1 and Part 2, which made it really easy for us to implement this method.

Homework: I also read in the documentation that only 1000 files will be listed when a call to ListObjectsV2Async is made. What if you have more than 1000 files, how would you list them all?

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