Three days without internet access

So this weekend my wife’s side of the family took a trip to Bear Lake, where we stayed at “a cabin” (a 6000+ square foot home near the lake). It is tough to ask for a better place to reside while on a trip to a lake. It is only a quarter-mile from the dock, so getting on and off the water is easy to do and possible to do multiple times a day.

However in the later hours of the night as I sat and relaxed my sore shoulders (from wake-boarding and yes I can wake board, do 180’s and cross the wake…maybe a little jump…OK, I barely get air if I am lucky going over the wake but it is fun). Anyway, I desperately missed having the one thing that I have been seldom without since 1999: The Internet.

That is right…there was no internet.  Sure, this is partly my fault as I don’t have an internet capable phone yet (normally I have wi-fi everywhere I go so I haven’t had the need yet).

However, life before the internet was possible so it had to be possible now right! Sure it is. I might be lame but I wanted to brush up on a few C# topics while I relaxed in just before bed. I did have a C# book.  Sure it is a PDF book but it was actually on my computer, not on the internet so I pulled the chapters and read them.  It wasn’t quite the same as seeing a dozen Google links to different blogs explaining the concepts in different ways, but it was still worth-while.

I did have a few hundred email to go through when I got back…I will probably be contacting my internet provider about the option to have an Air card.

Overall, the trip was quite enjoyable and as you can tell from this post…I am back in front of the internet.

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