Motorola Xoom review – one month later

I had the Motorola Xoom for a month just to experience it. It was provided to me by work but only temporarily.  I just transferred it to a team member so they can now experience it.

If you don’t want to read anything more, and just want me to sum up my review here it is:

I want to buy one now that it is gone but the $599 price overcame my desire as I don’t need one.

So I that means that it is definitely a useful item but it is currently overpriced in my eyes.  I just bought my wife a 17.3″ widescreen HP laptop with a 4GB of RAM, a Blu-Ray, a web-cam, fingerprint reader, HDMI port, etc…It was $549.  Currently there are some Android 2.2 tablets that are in the $100 to $150 range. I think in a year these tablets in the $100-$150 dollar range will be running Android 3.0 or the next version and they will be everything your need.  So only spend the money if you need to.

I am going to own an Android 3.0 device soon, if for no other reason than technology is both my job and hobby so just to stay up to speed with technology, I will need one soon, just not right now.

Ok, let’s get to the positives and negatives.


  1. Apps didn’t work until I restored to factory defaults.
  2. Wireless screen didn’t really indicate a scroll bar, took me an hour to figure out I had to scroll down to enter a password.  This was the first thing my team member ran into as well.
  3. Some apps just crash (but many actually updated and started working, so expect app support to improve rapidly)
  4. Learning to type on a touch screen. It is much better than typing on a phone, not as good as a laptop.
  5. Didn’t fit in my suit pocket at church, maybe I should get a 7″ one for myself.
  6. The fingerprints on the screen were annoying and I had to clean it often.

Positives of a tablet

  1. Time to browse.  Once you have your favorite sites, just hitting a site really quick was much faster.
  2. I loved the 10.1 inch screen.
  3. I loved replacing big books.
  4. A good casual game machine, especially for my 3-year-old.

Positives of the Xoom and Android 3

  1. Having about 5 desktops to put icons on.
  2. The first firmware update I received worked perfectly.
  3. Notification system is awesome.
  4. Flash web pages worked just fine.
  5. The email integration with Gmail.
  6. Plenty of disk space. (I never even used 2 GB as much is stored on the cloud)
  7. Multi-threading – It never once felt slow.
  8. Google Maps integration worked well.

Hopefully this review helps you.

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  1. silverlokk says:

    If you want a cheap Android tablet, get yourself the Nook, then install Honeycomb on it. YouTube has a coupl'a videos.

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