Adding this post from Internet Explorer 9 to write about Internet Explorer 9

If you are using Windows and you are using Internet Explorer 9, you are becoming a minority.

W3Schools has a browser statistics site that basically is made by tracking the browsers that hit it.

It is probably not exactly accurate because most poeple who go to W3Schools are probably in some way technical and doing some type of development, most likely for the web.  If there was a statistic built from the browsers that accessed the most popular pages on the web:,,,,,, etc… then that would be accurate. But we make do with what we have.

This page shows that IE has a little over 1/4 the market share to start 2011, while it held over 1/3 the market share at the first of 2010.

2011Internet ExplorerFirefoxChromeSafariOpera
February26.5 %42.4%24.1%4.1%2.5%
January26.6 %42.8%23.8%4.0%2.5%
2010Internet ExplorerFirefoxChromeSafariOpera
December27.5 %43.5%22.4%3.8%2.2%
November28.6 %44.0%20.5%4.0%2.3%
October29.7 %44.1%19.2%3.9%2.2%
September31.1 %45.1%17.3%3.7%2.2%
August30.7 %45.8%17.0%3.5%2.3%
July30.4 %46.4%16.7%3.4%2.3%
June31.0 %46.6%15.9%3.6%2.1%
May32.2 %46.9%14.5%3.5%2.2%
April33.4 %46.4%13.6%3.7%2.2%
March34.9 %46.2%12.3%3.7%2.2%
February35.3 %46.5%11.6%3.8%2.1%
January36.2 %46.3%10.8%3.7%2.2%

So why am I telling you this, in my review of Internet Explorer 9?

Because I am telling you to get ready for the percent of IE users to rise again with the release of IE9.

So far, I have the following positive feedback.

  • Feature that weren’t working before, such as rounded corners on the red borders of the boxes on my blog, are working.
  • The browser opened with amazing speed. Yes, I didn’t just say speed, I said AMAZING SPEED.
  • The About:Tabs page that opens by default in a new tab is quite awesome and is pretty close to a replacement for the Speed dial
  • The cleanthiness of the browser is refreshing.

The negative feedback I have so far is simply one:

  • I tried to find a plugin but found the plugin page hard to find and I could not find a way to search for IE9 plugins.

Right now I dual boot between FreeBSD and Windows 7.  When I am booted to FreeBSD, I will use Firefox. Normally in Windows 7 I also use Firefox.  Right now, I am not going to install Firefox in my new Windows 7 install in my dual boot scenario unless I start to dislike IE9.

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