VirtualBox on FreeBSD – Don’t use lagg0 and don’t use NAT

So my networking on my host has been extremely slow and choppy on my VM guests. I read somewhere to not use NAT but when I tried to turn off NAT, I could never get and IP address. Turns out that was the fault of lagg.

I have disabled lagg and configured my VMs to use bridging mode and suddenly my host is extremely fast.

Also, when I accidently configured my VM to use iwn0 instead of wlan0, the system hung, followed by a reboot.

So lets sum up the three tips for using VirtualBox on FreeBSD:

  1. Don’t use lagg on the host.
  2. Don’t use NAT.
  3. Don’t configure the guest to use your wireless device using iwn0, but make sure to use wlan0.

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  1. Dr.Death says:

    same happen to me, if i put rum0 the system hung and reboot.

    did you manage to use the wifi usb on the guest OS ?

    on the guest os it show me that there is no wireless interface!

    from the vbox setting i can add new rule for the usb's.
    i follow this guid but no luck:

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