Oracle Installer: Wow, can you say poor and unprofessional

So I am installing the Oracle client for the first time in my life (Yes, there are still some geek things I haven’t done yet) and wow was I surprised at the poor quality of the installer.

Here is the ugly:

1. I start the install and immediate a big black Command Prompt window comes up.
2. Once it comes up, it tries to install to a c:\app\jbarneck folder. Really? You haven’t figured out C:\Program Files\Oracle yet?
3. I installed only Instant Client. I needed Administrator as well. On reinstall it installed a new second instance of the Oracle Client. No it didn’t work and I have reverted my VM to try again.
4. When you have gone through their wizard and it is time to start the install, you click Finish. Yes, you heard correctly, you click Finish to start. When the install finishes, there is a small line of text letting me know it was successful and a close button.
5. Then I have to go get some text file called a .ORA file and copy it myself.

Anyway. If it was an Open Source project it wouldn’t be this poor. This is something I would have expected in the NT 4.0 days.

So if this is the lack of enterprise quality that I can expect from Oracle, which is a very rich “enterprise”, I will continue to stay away and recommend others do the same.

All I can say is: Wow, Oracle! Get your act together.

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