How to configure FreeBSD 8 to use a mini-PCI Intel 2200 AG wireless card on an IBM T40?

How to configure FreeBSD 8 to use an Intel 2200 AG wireless card on an IBM T40?

Usually I try to document every step, but I am not going to document how to install the mini-PCI card in your IBM T40, nor am I going to tell you how to download an ISO to overcome the 1802 BIOS error. But you got links…I hope the work in the future.

Step 1 – Install FreeBSD
I assume you are on a Laptop and want a desktop so here are my instructions for a desktop.
How to install and configure a FreeBSD 8 Desktop with Xorg and KDE?

You should now have your system in the same state that I have mine.

Step 2 – Verifying your device is installed
Ok, before we get started, lets at least make sure that the miniPCI Intel 2200 AG wireless card shows up.

  1. Us pciconf to look at loaded pci devices.
    $ pciconf -lv
  2. Locate the Intel 2200 BG mini-pci card. Mine shows up as follows:
    none3@pci0:2:2:0: class=0x028000 card=0x27018086 chip=0x42208086 rev=0x05 hdr=0x00
    vendor = ‘Intel Corporation’
    device = ‘driverIntel PRO/Wireless 2200BG (MPCI3B)’
    class = network

Step 3 – Setup/Install Intel Wireless Support

Ok, Intel requires you to accept a license agreement and you have to actually enter this acceptance in your /boot/loader.conf. Also you need to enable other wifi modules as well.

  1. Su to root.
    $ su


  2. Edit the /boot/loader.conf with your favorite editor (lets use easy editor or ee)
  3. # ee /boot/loader.conf
  4. Enter the following lines:
    # Intel 2200 BG mini-PCI
  5. Save and close /boot/loader.conf.

Note: If you want to see this work before you move one, feel free to reboot now.

I believe at this point you can connect to any wireless network that is not secured (not using WEP or WPA).

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