How to get a full Control Panel/Administrative View in Windows 7 Windows 2008 or Vista? Or how to have a God Mode in Windows 7 Windows 2008 or Vista?

Ok, so the Control Panel is annoying to me in Windows 7 (or Windows 2008 or Windows Vista). I want the big long list like I used to have. Also, I would like the Administrative tools and other features to be part of it. Turns out there is a way to do this.

  1. Create a new folder. It doesn’t matter where.
  2. Rename the folder this:


You now have a nice Control Panel with everything in a big long list.

If you want you can drag it to your Start bar or ping it to your Taskbar.

Ok, so God Mode isn’t exactly some way to have all power over the box. It is really just a pretty, one-window-list of links to the interfaces of different management features

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