How to configure Tivo Series II Remote to work with a new Proscan 40LD45QC LCD TV?

Ok, so I bought a new Proscan 40LD45QC LCD TV and even though it had a list of codes in the manual, they didn’t seem to work.

So I searched online and all I found were a bunch of a couple of complaints that it cannot be done.

So I set out to try and quickly found this post:

This says:

  1. Cover the end of the TiVo remote control with your hand.
  2. Hold down the TiVo and TV POWER buttons simultaneously until the red light on the remote control remains on.
  3. Remove your hand from the end of the TiVo remote control.
  4. Enter code 0999.

    After you enter the code, the red light will flash three times and then remain on.

  5. Press CHANNEL UP once every two seconds. This will test hundreds of codes, one by one.
  6. IMPORTANT: Do not go any faster than this or you may skip over a code that works.

  7. If you press CHANNEL UP and your TV turns off, press ENTER to select the code. Press the TV POWER button to test the code. If your TV turns on, you have successfully programmed the remote.
    • If you cycle through all the codes, the red LED will go off, indicating that you have tried all the codes. If this happens, or if you selected a code but the TV does not respond to the test, try again, to make sure you did not skip over your code by going too fast.
    • If you cannot find a code that works, your current remote may not be preprogrammed with the code for your TV. If you have a TiVo HD XL or Series3 HD DVR, you have a learning remote that can easily be “taught” to control your TV. For instructions, go to Using the Learning Feature of the TiVoGlo or Series3 Remote.

      If your DVR did not include a learning remote, you can purchase a TiVoGlo Premium learning remote at the TiVo Store.

I gave it a try and the first time I pushed the Channel up button, it turned my Proscan LCD TV off, but the TV Input button acted as a mute button. So I tried again.

The second time I tried this, my TV turned off again on the first Channel up press, but I continued pressing the Channel up button until somewhere between the seventh to ninth time. I selected this one and sure enough it mostly worked:

TV Power button Works
Volume Up button Works
Volume Down button Works
Mute button Works
Mute button *Opens the TV Input screen

* Ok. There are two problems left.

  1. The Input button loads the input screen, but unfortunately it then needs the Up and Down arrows from the original remote to select an Input so I cannot change input.
  2. The sound button only moves one step. I can hold down the sound buttons and the sound continues to move up or down. But holding down the sound button on the Tivo remote doesn’t continue to change the sound.


  1. Jason says:

    Exact same problem ... Tivo remote works, except for scrolling/moving on the Input button, must use Proscan remote to select the input. Found the following codes work for all buttons (except Input scroll/select): 0107, 0011.

    • rhyous says:

      Thanks...I should update this with a second problem. The sound up and sound down buttons work. However, if I hold down those buttons on the Tivo remote they only move the sound one notch and stops moving. So I have to click the sound up or sound down dozens of times. If I hold down the buttons on the Proscan remote the sound continues to change. I should probably test both codes to see either of these fix that.

    • rhyous says:

      Ok, I tested both numbers:

      0011 - Power works.
      0011 - Sound sort of works (you can't hold the sound button down)
      0011 - TV Input (Does not even bring up the list)

      0107 - Power works.
      0107 - Sound sort of works (you can't hold the sound button down)
      0107 - TV Input (Brings up the list but no way to scroll)

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