LANDesk Support Tools Beta 7

Hey all,

It has been a while again and again there are good reasons for this.

If you find something not working, please let me know.

( 9.0.0.x Matches our current release of LDMS, though this is not really version dependent.)

Release Notes

  1. Compiled using LDMS 9.
  2. Changed the OSType xml object to search for the value as an exact match and as a contains. (This resolve an issue where in 9.0 Windows Workstations just say Workstation and Windows Servers just say Server, but 8.8 agents might scan in and say XP Workstation, 2008 Server, so by just putting “Workstation, Server” all windows machines should be obtained.)
  3. Added a trick to handle the different the patch to the LDClient directory, which is now much more necessary since %ProgramFiles% doesn’t point to “c:\program files (X86)” on 64 bit machines. (I use this: %LDMS_LOCAL_DIR%\..\)

WARNING: This version is not tested on 8.8 and it is recommend you continue with version beta 6 for 8.8 and only use this version for LDMS 9.

Latest Version:

LANDesk Support Tools beta 7a.exe

Previous Version for LDMS 8.8

LANDesk Support Tools beta 6.exe

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