Explorer.exe in Windows 7 still hanging when I create a new file, rename the file, delete a file, etc…

Just an update to all who are wondering about my previous post.
Windows 7 hangs when creating a new folder and hangs again when renaming it

I have done some troubleshooting, trying to Analyze what is causing the hang but I still don’t have the answer. I am very disillusioned with Windows 7 because of this problem.

My efforts to troubleshoot this have failed.


ACTION: Followed this article:

RESULT: I have a nice capture of everything my machine was doing (39 MB but only 3.6 MB zipped) though I filter on explorer.exe in Process Monitor. It show that Explorer.exe hangs, but doesn’t tell me why. Maybe someone can tell what the problem is:
ftp://ftp.landesk.com/incoming/Explorer Hangs.zip
(link only good for about two weeks)

ACTION: Ran this command from an administrator command prompt:

sfc /scannow

RESULT: Nothing wrong

Verification 100% complete.

Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.


Try a clean boot.

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  1. rhyous says:

    Hey all,

    I had an experience today that pretty much confirms your "Hibernate" theory.

    I had tried to test it with Start | Shutdown | Hibernate when Noel Ho first posted about this, however, the issue didn't duplicate.

    However, today, my machine looked off. The half-moon LED was NOT on when it is asleep, but when I booted it said that it was restoring state not doing a fresh boot. Sure enough, every time I tried to create a new folder, I had the annoying hang of 30 to 50 seconds.

    I did a clean boot and it is gone.

    So when my machine hibernated, it was at home, not docked, had an RDP session running, numerous windows, etc...It also hibernated on its own, not by me telling it to.

  2. Noel Ho says:

    i am thinking a clean reboot fixes it until we put the notebook to "Sleep" or "Hibernate". The problem always comes back for me when waking from "Sleep" or "Hibernate".

    If i start my notebook from a "Shut Down" or "Restart" state, then I have no problems. This really is annoying. I hate having to reboot/restart my pc when sleep/hibernate is so much more convenient.

  3. rhyous says:

    Ha ha...it just stopped hanging...I don't know why it was happening or why it stopped. Same thing happened before, it stopped happening then started again, so I expect something to cause it to happen again. I haven't really changed anything except I installed the LANDesk Management Agent (which has a LANDesk branded version of Kaspersky AV) so you would think with AV things would be worse not better. I assume that the LANDesk agent had nothing to do with resolving this...maybe one of the troubleshooting steps above fixed it, only maybe it didn't fix it right away when I tested it, but after a reboot or something.

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