About me and FreeBSD

My name is Jared Barneck. I started using FreeBSD in 2001. I have spent time in bunches with periods of not touching FreeBSD as well as taking time each month to keep up. Am I an expert at FreeBSD now? Well that depends on who you talk to and their perspective. To those who don’t know FreeBSD, I am an expert, to those who are better than me at FreeBSD, I am not. There are areas that I am certain I am an expert in, then areas that I haven’t touched and am a newbie in. Yes, FreeBSD is so big I haven’t learned it all since 2001.

In 2003, I started www.bsdcertification.com but since the highly regarded New York City *BSD User Group (NYCBUG) started www.BSDCertification.org, I eventually passed my URL to them as I felt that two certification sites were not necessary and so now there is only one standard BSD Certification. I hope that the www.BSDCertification.org has great success.

I am very good at documentation and writing walk-thru’s that even a newbie can follow, so I have contributed to FreeBSD in that way. Hopefully, with this site, I can focus my documentation and expand into contributing in other ways such as obtaining both new users and new contributors to FreeBSD.

Other posts about me and FreeBSD

I started using FreeBSD when it was at 4.x and now FreeBSD 8 released November 27, 2009

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